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Ojo’s Del Salado (6893m) With Aconcagua (6962m)

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The high desert of the Chilean plateau east of Copiapó, above Chañaral, is well known by world mountaineers for having the highest concentration six thousand meter peaks in the world. What makes it even more unique is that many of these peaks are volcanoes. Hidden amongst them are the two peaks of Vn Copiapó, and Vn Ojos del Salado which we propose to climb. First we will attempt Vn. Copiapó as part of our acclimatization and then Vn. Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world. During the trip we travel through stunningly diverse landscapes, and from the summits of both peaks the 360-degree panorama is beyond words. After our attempt on Ojo`s del Salado we drive into Argentina and make our way south towards the city of Mendoza. From Mendoza we head out to Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas (6962m). Our attempt will be a quick ascent as we will have already acclimatized to the altitude on Ojos del Salado. This part of the Andes is noticeably different from the barren mountains we will have just visited in Chile, especially the lowlands were verdant vineyards dominate the landscape.