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Salar de Uyuni with climbing Volcano Tunupa and Licarcabur

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We begin this epic journey by driving out across the wild and barren Altiplano to First Sajama National Park. This remote park overlooked by the awesome Sajama peak sits in a resounding silence broken only by the wind in the Quenwa trees and the occasional llama grazing. We take it all in lying back in the natural hot springs. After our night in Sajama village we head south along the border of Chile and Bolivia. Along the way we pass shimmering emerald coloured lakes filled with flamingos, towering Inca burial towers and rugged plains and valleys dotted with guanaco. The following days are spent on one of Bolivia’s - and the world’s – great wonders, the salt flats of Uyuni. Depending on the season this vast expanse can appear like a mirror for the heavens or an unending sea of snow. After losing ourselves for some days in this wonderland, we head far down to the south of Bolivia and visit Laguna Colarada, Laguna Verde and the many of the other lakes with their varying hues with contrast with the exotic wildlife and alien landscape. Along the way we have the change to climb two mountains in the area, from where we get spectacular views of these extraordinary landscapes.