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Salar de uyuni, Sajama, Lago Titicaca, Cordillera trek, climbing Huayna Potosi

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The beginning of this trip takes us thought the Salar de Uyuni (Salta Plain) where we get to see a vast landscape like no other on earth. Instead of taking the normal road back to La Paz we travel via Sajama National Park where we experience another wilderness from the comfort of natural hot springs. Later we visit the mythical Lago Titicaca, the birthplace of the Inca civilization and where early inhabitants believed the sun was born. We will also have an opportunity to explore Isla Del Sol, the focus of Inca mythology and a place steeped in legend and dotted with Inca ruins. From here we take a trek up into the Cordillera Real, some of the most impressive peaks in Bolivia soaring up above us. For a grand finale, we attempt to climb Huayna Potosi a legendary landmark in this mountainous nation. Having acclimatized during the previous days trekking, we should be feeling fine to reach the summit.