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Had an excellent trip with Climbing South America! very well organized! big plus for our guide Macario he was really good.
Siete Hulzenyn, Duitch, 29/10/14
Rachel (my guide) was extremely friendly and patient also being great fun. The company is extremely professional, I recomend the company highly.
Oscar M'carthy, Irish, 3/9/14
Climbing South America was a brilliant company for Huayna Potosi. They provided very detailed information at the office and provided all the equipment which was very good quality. I would highly recommend them!
James Findlay, UK, 17/6/14
Great tour, cheap, good services.
Lennart, Holand 31/3/14
Very impressed to the guides. Their level of profesionalisim and experience really made the difference in the climb.
Padraig Landy, Canada
Amazing trip, very glad I went with climbing south america!
Perran Hutton, British 7/915
The booking staff were very helpful, provided useful information about the tour and were very enthusiastic about the trip! I loved the trip my guide was original and a perfect leader for the climb !!!
Matilda Guerra, USA 28/03/15
Very good staff!!!
Triboulet, France, 19/12/14
Awsome time! Thanks!
German, 25/10/14
Felix is an excellent guide and I've noticed Rachel aswell. Very good service I will recommend
Julian Knospe, ‚German, 3/9/14