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We like a lot!
Maria Dulce Sousa, Potugal, 16/7/14
The guides were really nice and gluten free diet was well taker care of. Ice climbing was good fun!
Inka Holopainer, Finnish, 16/4/14
Thanks to bringing us to the top, Macario. We took the time we need to be on top
Degrenont Pierre, France 16/01/16
Climbing South America was a brilliant company to do Huayna Potosi with - a great trip thank you!!! Our guide was fantastic - keept us really safe and climbed a good pace. Silverio was also brilliant with ice axe training :)
Sofia Karam, British 23/10/15
Rogelio was the best! Very safe guides and they accomodated us extremely well to make sure we reached the top.
Kyle Sutton, Canadian 17/07/15
The trip was very well organized I got the feeling that this office is the most professional while hearing other people´s stories :)
Todo bien, el guia "Agustin" nos ha ayudado mucho en cuanto a motivacion y espera, sin el posiblemente no hubieramos llegado.
Mario Pobletete, Chilena, 15/11/14
Guides were very friendly and funny.
Raphael Miler, German, 19/9/14
Agustine was very professional and always made sure we were confortable and safe. Our equipment was very good and our guide was clearly well trained.
William Slynn, British, 11/7/14
Great guides, excellent food!
Christoph Gysin, Swiss, 14/4/14