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I highly recommend Climbing South America to everyone. Everything was perfect!!!
Florian Fuchs, German 06/02/16
We had a good time climbing Huayna Potosi with Climbing South America. The guides were good, the transport was on time and the food was good.
Keran Devine, Ireland 24/10/15
We had an amazing time I never thought I could reach the top! Gonzalo was amazing, and couraging + patient and we succede. I dont think we could have done it without him!!!
Samara Constable, Australia 10/06/15
Very happy with the service, equipment and meals.
Ryan Monagham, Australia 12/01/15
I have very much enjoyed the trip the guide as well as the people very fantastic. Thank you very much for a great time!
Chrishina Holmgruen, German, 15/11/14
I can't speak highly enough of our guides our chef and Climbing South America as a whole very professional and friendly staff.
Anonimous, 10/9/14
Macario was a great guide with awesome credentials, He took extra care with us ,He is a superb guide and we would definitly look him up for guide in the future. Thank you so much Macario!!!
Jhon Cavanagh, USA, 27/6/14
I felt really safe plus secure at all times. The food was excellent and the guides as well. Everybody was super friendly! I really enjoyed this trip! And there was no problem to extend my stay for 1 night. Thanks a lot!!!
Natali Boehm, Germany, 17/4/14
Unforgatable. Very happy with our guide Silverio
Oscar Sunbegeeds, Dutch 25/01/16
A great trip and a wonderful guides. Highly recommended it!!!
Graig, 6/10/15