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Una bonita experiencia! eramos los unicos que hicieron la cumbre y eso era en parte porque Hilarion y los otros servicios de Climbing South America eran excelente.
Adrian Wackett, EEUU 10/11/15
Very good organization. Good information in the agency. Very simpatic and professional guide.
Hanse Michel, British/ 22/08/2015
Very professional guide! Very good food.
Parras Romain, French 18/02/15
Amazing 100% worth the effort. guides were very helpful and led us safely and successfully to the summit.
Michael Walker, Nz, 29/11/14
Macario was brilliant and we could not have made it to the top without his help & enthusiasm. We can not thank him enough.
Will Tizard, British, 4/10/14
The guides made the trip really pleasant!
Pauline Tihibaur, France , 25/7/14
Rachel wasfantastic. When booking the trip, she came into the office to meet us + help us find gear. The first day she was very enthusiastic + the food she provided was great. The second day, Iwas feeling very sick she was obviously very proficient in safety + emergency procedares. She also was good at monitoring me +managing the situation without seeming condscending, wich can be very hard to accomplish. I would definitely hire her again.
Sarah Friesen, Canada, 4/5/14
It was the best experience of my South America travel. Thank you so much guides and couh. Perfect!!!
Wilhelan Leasemann, German 2/04/16
Thanks to our guide Agustin who help us to go to the top of Huayna Potosi. Such a great experience !!! We were a group of 10 and we all made it to the top! Very good food as well and good quantities.
Ragot Marlene, Francesa 6/11/15
Very professional agency, Andres our guide for the Huayna Potosi took care of us all along the trip: good alpine advices, good meals, we made the summit without "sonocke" thanks to him :) The equipment is very appropiate too : until the -15º the summit day, we dont suffer the low temperature. MUCHAS GRACIAS ANDRES Y CLIMBING SOUTH AMERICA !!!
Dupuy Pierre, French 17/08/15