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The guides of our group were excellent, and the agency made it possible for us to stay 1 night more to do the climbing. Perfect service!!!!
Victor Krummenacrer, France 15/02/15
Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to have booked with your agency. Thanksto the guides they were AMAZING!
Myrian Boijean, Canadience, 29/11/14
The guides were nice and helpful. I left safe the whole time.
Sara Hambro, Norwegian, 4/10/14
Great Experience Than you all
The guides were very nice and helpful. I felt safe during the entire climb and had a lot of fun!
Torey Narans, USA, 24/4/14
Very good tour food was amazing.
Shane McQuaid, USA
We did it!!! Very good guide, they take their time, they know what they are doing. We had a great and menaable time.
Rigand Vincenti, Fran Le 6/11/15
Thank you very much for the asccension! It was a hard challenge but I made it to the top thanks to the great services of your agency. Thanks a lot for those 3 hard but amazing days.
Louis Verrier, French 31/07/15
Safer awsome trip the guides was awsome and did a great job with everything.
Alejandro, Canadian 13/02/15
Very good experience with Macario and the other of the team. Very patient's guide.
Katiane Be, Canada, 29/11/14